GP hit by ski lift awarded $1m

Sydney-based Dr Ghita Nair-Smith was waiting for the lift at the Perisher ski resort, where she was visiting with her family and friends, when one of the chair’s railings struck her groin in July 2003.

A NSW Supreme Court judge said the lift chair had turned the corner to pick up passengers but its safety bar was down, so an employee of Perisher Blue Pty Ltd lifted it.

After that the chair swung into Dr Nair-Smith. She told the court that after her friend yelled out that the bar was closed “the lift attendant… lunged forward, grabbed the back corner of the chair with his left hand, pulled the chair back toward him and at an angle, flipped the safety bar back up with his right hand, then let go of the chair”.

The chair then “came at the three of us at an angle” and hit her causing “immediate and intense pain”.

Dr Nair-Smith said the accident damaged ligaments around her groin and lower back,