A GP leader who’s not afraid of acting up

TASMANIAN-BASED general practitioner Dr Emil Djakic treasures his involvement in amateur community theatre and says the skills he’s learned there have surprisingly assisted him in his professional roles, most notably as AGPN chair for the last two years. They have also provided him with a better work-life balance. 

Dr Djakic first became involved in local theatre in 2003 as part of the chorus of a musical produced by the nearby Devonport Choral Society in northwestern Tasmania.

“It was really interesting being part of a project from start to finish,” he says. “It took about six months and involved more than 100 people, when you count all the front-of-house people and the production crew.”

Simultaneously, 47-year-old Dr Djakic became involved in the Ulverstone Repertory Theatre Society, acting as well as directing productions. 

Part of the attraction, Dr Djakic says, is the levelling effect of being