GP rescued after three days in dark cave

'I was trying to keep an eye on my watch, which glows in the dark'

A West Australian GP who spent two nights in a dark cave on Christmas Island, waiting for rescue teams to find her, has survived by drinking cave water and rationing snacks.

Dr Katherine Comparti was trekking on the remote Indian Ocean island when she decided to explore a cave on Saturday morning.

However, the GP from Narrogin, in south-west WA, became disoriented in the dark and couldn’t find her way back out again, according to an ABC News report.

After frantic attempts to find a way out, she decided to conserve her energy and wait for rescue teams to find her.

Dr Comparti said "everything you could imagine" went through her mind over the next two nights.

Photo:Facebook/Dr Katherine Comparti
Photo: Facebook/Dr Katherine Comparti