GP sued for failing to detect pregnancy

The woman, now 56, claimed Dr Randa El-Masri failed to detect she was pregnant in time to enable her to have a termination.

South Australian District Court judge Rauf Soulio ruled the doctor was negligent in failing to take a history in December 2005 when the woman consulted her about various symptoms, including tiredness, breathing difficulties and irregular bleeding.

He also found that the GP failed to carry out examinations or tests or organise a follow-up appointment within a month.

The woman testified that the doctor gave her asthma medication and information about menopause, telling her to come back in six months if the bleeding continued.

In April 2006, she returned to the GP after a home pregnancy test was positive.

She was referred to a gynaecologist and for counselling, telling them she did not want to have a child, but the pregnancy could not be terminated as she was 33 weeks' gestation.

The woman is