GP 'too close' to overdose patient

Helen Barbara Minett, 55, suffered from chronic pain from a large number of medical conditions and used a range of opioids including morphine to manage it.

On 28 September, 2009, she had a major overdose while alone at her Willetton home, but managed to call a friend, who contacted her GP.

Dr Felicity Wild, who had a close personal relationship to Ms Minett, visited the house and initially found her drowsy but she was able to move.

She later fell into a deep sleep and her respiratory rate was barely five breaths per minute.

Dr Wild decided to leave Ms Minett at home and not telephone an ambulance, believing she would recover "spontaneously based on past history", Coroner Sarah Linton said in inquest findings handed down on Tuesday.

Ms Minett's husband returned home and Dr Wild left, with her patient still asleep and unresponsive.

When he went to bed that evening, his wife was still alive.

But when he woke