GPs are not ‘fat cats’, AMA tells Roxon

THE prospect of further cuts to the MBS has drawn an angry reaction from AMA Council of General Practice chair Dr Brian Morton, who said GPs already sacrificed their own incomes to act as the “government’s social conscience”.

Dr Morton said comments made yesterday by Health Minister Nicola Roxon showed she considered GPs to be “fat cats who can take a cut”.

Ms Roxon, addressing the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia in Melbourne yesterday, said the government had been “carefully running the ruler over existing expenditure”.

She said the $17 billion MBS, “unlike virtually every other major component of commonwealth health expenditure”, had not been subject to any large-scale change or negotiation.

“To keep it working well for patients into the future, maybe doctors, and the community at large, will need to consider how they can play a role in keeping the