GPs only losing 60 cents per consult under freeze, says PM

GPs are only losing 60 cents on a bulk-billed consultation under the Medicare rebate freeze and claims that patients will pay $20 out-of-pocket fees are a “reckless exaggeration”, claims Malcolm Turnbull.

Campaigning in his Wentworth constituency in Sydney on Sunday, Mr Turnbull laid into Labor leader Bill Shorten, saying he was “trying to scare people about Medicare”.

On Thursday, Mr Shorten pledged to end the Medicare rebate freeze from January next year if Labor won the election.

In response, Mr Turnbull attempted to put the Medicare rebate freeze into perspective.

Not indexing the rebate to inflation meant that doctors were receiving about 60 cents less than they would have for each consultation, he said.

By 2020, when the government says the freeze would end, that figure