GPs rebuked for prescribing to drug addicts

TWO Sydney GPs who were found to have inappropriately prescribed pharmaceuticals to drug addicts have been found guilty of professional misconduct by the Medical Tribunal of NSW.

Dr Kinga Gorondy-Novak, who worked at Waratah Medical Centre in the city’s south-east from 1997 until December 2010, was banned from prescribing Schedule 4 and 8 drugs after the tribunal found she had prescribed drugs, including diazepam and codeine phosphate, in excess of the Therapeutic Guidelines.

In one case, Dr Gorondy-Novak prescribed 55 prescriptions of pethidine to one patient in a 12-month period – each ordering 20 ampules of 100 mg at a time – without obtaining appropriate authority. In another case, she was found to have failed to appropriately refer a patient for specialist treatment.

In a separate decision, Dr Gorondy-Novak’s then colleague Dr Stamatios Ktenas, was also reprimanded for over-prescribing narcotics and sedatives to the