GPs retiring faster than being replaced

The latest Clarius Skills Index, based on ABS data analysed by KPMG Econtech, showed the 1.6 million workers between 50 and 59 years old with specific skills sets were over-represented in healthcare at almost 11% of the workforce compared to 8.4% in the “wider qualified population”.

“This group… provided it is not possible to attract the entire group to stay longer in the labour market, needs to be replaced,” the Clarius report said.

The problem is that, based on current projections, only 84 health professionals will join the workforce in the decade from 2017 for every 110 who leave it.

A similar situation is expected in education, with only 73 qualified people being available to fill every 107 jobs created by retirement, while 18% of engineering employees are just a few years from retirement.

Clarius Group chief executive officer of recruitment companies Kym Quick, said the skills gap had closed in