GPs’ role vital in quake response: Mitchell

HAVING experienced Christchurch’s last major earthquake in September last year, Dr Chris Mitchell has no doubts GPs will help “galvanise” the city as it faces the trials of rebuilding. 

The former RACGP president hasn’t returned to the city since he attended the annual scientific meeting of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners at the time the previous earthquake hit.

“The devastation we’re seeing now – it’s just such a huge human tragedy, particularly for a town that was busy rebuilding itself. To have a second knock is very hard,” he said.

“[The 2010 Christchurch earthquake] was a surreal experience... I was fortunate but a lot of my friends in different areas were really thrown around.

“When you see the devastation and damage that has occurred and the personal tragedies with this quake, though, it’s just a terrible set of circumstances.