GPs slam Liberal proposal for pharmacy testing

THE NSW Liberals have been accused of “dumbing down” the health system with a $10 million plan to have pharmacists testing for diabetes, asthma, obesity and even heart disease.

The scheme, labelled “misguided” and “not evidence based” by the AMA, would be introduced as an initiative under an expected Coalition NSW government this year. Labor is widely tipped to lose power at next month’s state election.

The health checks, expected to take around 15 minutes, would be carried out in pharmacies with no GP involvement.

NSW GP and chair of the AMA’s council of general practice Dr Brian Morton said the plan was impractical and risked conflict of interest.

“It’s typical government, dumbing down care,” he told MO. “It’s also fragmentation of care. While the initiative is to screen and identify, it won’t be holistically looking at the patient.