GPs start tuning into telehealth consults

TASMANIAN GP Dr Bastian Seidel is among the early adopters taking advantage of the Federal Government’s new telehealth consultation rebates.

Dr Seidel, who runs a practice in Huon Valley just outside of Hobart, had tried to set up telehealth services without government assistance a year ago. But he struggled to attract the interest of specialists, who dismissed it as unsafe, unnecessary or too difficult.

With the Government now throwing its support behind telehealth consultations – offering $6000 start-up grants and lucrative rebates for GPs and specialists who take part in telehealth consults – Dr Seidel said he was now able to provide a valuable service, particularly for elderly patients.

“We contacted a couple of specialists to trial it at first, and so far so good, they all seem pretty happy,” he told MO. 

Dr Seidel said he had been able to convince specialists to take part by offering a range of