GP’s suspension upheld after skipping breath test

The Immediate Action Committee (IAC) of the Tasmanian Medical Board suspended the registration of Dr Humphrey John Gomes on 27 February, 2014, days after AHPRA was notified that he had missed a breath testing appointment .

Twice-daily breath tests were among a number of conditions imposed after AHPRA was advised in March 2013 of allegations that Dr Gomes had been drinking alcohol in his practice between seeing patients and at lunchtime.
Specifically, he was required to undergo breath analysis before starting work and at the end of the day’s consultations.

The test results were to be recorded and forwarded to the AHPRA compliance unit every fortnight or immediately in the event of a positive reading.

In addition, he was banned from practising within 24 hours of returning a positive reading for alcohol.

Dr Gomes was also subject to liver function testing and psychiatric reviews every three months, and his