GPs unite to take on Medicare watchdog

MORE than 150 GPs are believed to have joined a new union, which has a primary purpose of taking on the Professional Services Review (PSR).

The group’s spokesperson, radiologist and former NSW GP Dr Peter Buchanan, said the group had formulated a set of objectives aimed at securing more effective representation for GPs forced to face PSR panels which he hoped would result in fairer hearings. 

He has wasted no time in calling for a Senate inquiry into the operations of Medicare’s troubled watchdog, already the subject of an ongoing review.

Dr Buchanan, who was previously forced to repay Medicare for over-servicing on home visits, said he had taken on the task of establishing the union after he was contacted by many GPs who had grown frustrated with the AMA’s response to their concerns regarding a perceived unfairness in PSR processes.

“[The GPs’ union] would be something GPs can have faith in and feel