GPs urged to reject ANF enterprise claims

In a letter to AMA members and non-member GP practices, Dr Hambleton said the federation had contacted more than 1000 practices in Victoria, NSW and Tasmania asking them to enter into enterprise agreement negotiations.

“If successful, any outcome would undoubtedly flow to other states,” he said.

“The correspondence includes an extensive list of demands from the ANF that, if accepted, would drive up the costs of employing nursing staff at many practices.”

Dr Hambleton warned that the federation had lodged an application with Fair Work Australia (FWA) for a low-paid bargaining order that “seeks to impose an enterprise agreement on many of the practices targeted by the ANF”.

“The ANF would no doubt attempt to extend this agreement to other medical practices if it is approved by FWA.”

Dr Hambleton said the AMA Federal Council had resolved to oppose the federation’s