Guide to penis size at your fingertips

NO LONGER a myth, the size of a man’s penis may indeed be predicted by the length of his index finger relative to his ring finger, researchers say.

The so-called 2D:4D ratio is attracting a flurry of research, with a recent publication suggesting men with index fingers longer than ring fingers were significantly less likely to develop prostate cancer.

Now Korean researchers have shown the digit ratio is predictive of stretched penile length.

Scientists studied 144 men admitted to hospital for urological surgery, measuring their flaccid and stretched penises under anaesthetic and correlating it with their height and finger lengths.

The 2D:4D ratio was the sole “ significant predictive factor” for stretched penile length, with men having a lower ratio having a longer penile length, they found.

Higher prenatal exposure to androgens could be responsible for the correlation, the