Guild snapshot gives pharmacy a vote of confidence

The Pharmacy Guild’s second annual snapshot of consumer views and expectations of pharmacists will be unveiled at APP 2017 next month.

Pharmacists were again rated highly trusted, with many people likely to recommend their local pharmacy to a friend or colleague.

Among the key findings is 94% of Australians see pharmacies as a most trusted distribution channel of medicinal cannabis for pain management.

And around 41% of people surveyed purchased codeine-based products in the previous 12 months.

This shows a large number of people will be inconvenienced if the TGA decision to reschedule codeine as prescription drug stands, says APP chairman Kos Sclavos.

The Healthy Futures Report 2017 is based on two surveys, with the first a nationally representative sample of 1027 people. 

The second survey involved 523 Australians aged over 50 taking ongoing medications for at least