Having a baby or retiring? 10 facts about indemnity cover

Good news - there's no need to keep paying medical insurance fees

Many doctors are unaware that when they take maternity leave, or retire, the government funds their medical indemnity, according to Tego insurance, a medical indemnity provider.

Eligible doctors are covered by the government’s Run Off Cover Scheme (ROCS) from the day they stop working, says Tego CEO Eric Lowenstein.

To qualify, doctors must be aged 65 or older, and retired from all paid private medical work, be on maternity leave or have left private practice due to permanent disability.

Doctors who have left Australia after working under a 422 visa (medical practitioner) or 457 visa (business, long stay) are also covered, as is a doctor's estate if they die before or after retirement.

Here are 10 more ROCS facts worth knowing:

  1. Eligible doctors who have been in private practice and have held medical indemnity insurance are covered at no charge once they stop working or go