Heart risk greater in women with type 2 diabetes than men

Previous research from the same team at the University of Queensland found that diabetic women have a 46% higher risk of dying from CHD and a 27% higher risk of stroke, compared to men with diabetes. 

In this paper, a meta-analysis of 64 studies, the researchers found that for women, developing diabetes confers an additional 44% risk of incident CHD compared to a man who develops diabetes.

Professor Rachel Huxley, from the School of Population Health at UQ and a lead author on the study, said these findings add weight to the argument that disparities in outcomes between diabetic men and diabetic women are not due to disparities in treatment.

“The effect size for incident or non-fatal CHD was relatively consistent with our results for fatal CHD,” Professor Huxley said. 

“Any disparity in treatment between men and women would be likely to show up in a difference between fatal versus non-fatal events.”