Height counts for patients where cancer is concerned

Tall people face a higher risk of cancer, and this researcher thinks he knows why

Height carries many advantages — just ask short people trying to reach a top shelf or buy clothes.

But where cancer is concerned, tall patients are at a disadvantage, facing a greater risk of developing the disease.

Now researcher Professor Leonard Nunney, a professor of biology at the University of California, believes he has figured out why the height-enhanced have an increased chance of cancer.

He’s done calculations that show tall people are more likely to develop such illnesses because they have more cells to potentially go awry and become cancerous.

Earlier studies have found that tall people are at greater overall risk of cancer, increasing by about 10% per 10cm.

Professor Nunney's calculations are based on four huge data sets from the US, Korea and Europe that look at 23 different categories of cancer, finding 18 of them have a link to height.