Here's why treating early risk signs of diabetes may be a good idea

None of the patients taking three medications developed the disease, study shows

People with slightly elevated blood sugar and other early risk signs for type 2 diabetes may avoid developing the full-blown disease if they start taking diabetes medications, researchers say.

The study team examined data on 422 adults in southern California with slightly elevated blood sugar and an intermediate or high risk for developing diabetes based on insulin resistance, beta-cell function and glucose tolerance tests.

All of the patients were told to make lifestyle changes, 141 people were also asked to take two types of diabetes drugs and 81 patients were asked to take three types of diabetes drugs.

After an average follow-up period of almost three years, the annual rate of transitioning to full diabetes was 4.1% among people who received only lifestyle therapy and 1.7% in patients on two diabetes drugs.

None of the patients on three diabetes drugs developed diabetes.