History: That time a doctor murdered a king to make the morning papers

Part II in a series looking at all the times monarchs have been royally screwed by death and disease

European royalty has been plagued by ill-health throughout history — to the surprise of absolutely no one since they were all as inbred as a bulgy-eyed brachycephalic pug stranded on a desert island with its equally brachycephalic family.

This second instalment takes a look at two kings: one who shuffled off this mortal coil rather slowly and the other who was a little too punctual.

Non-royal treatment
To this day, it is unclear whether ‘Mad King’ George III had an actual mental illness, such as bipolar disorder, was the victim of gradual arsenic poisoning or inherited the blood disorder porphyria.

Although he had lucid periods, he also experienced severe and incapacitating bouts of illness, during which he was bound in a straitjacket, chained to a chair and gagged.

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