Hospitals fined for negligence over HIV organ transplants

TWO hospitals in Taiwan have been fined and face possible criminal action after mistakenly transplanting the organs from an HIV-infected donor into five patients.
The National Taiwan University Hospital and National Cheng Kung University Hospital were fined $4850 each for negligence and will also face criminal charges and additional fines if their patients contract the HIV virus from the transplants, authorities said.
The family of a 38-year-old man, surnamed Chiu, decided to donate his organs after he fell to his death last week unaware that he was an HIV carrier.
Medical technicians performing standard blood tests found that Chiu was HIV positive before his liver, lungs and kidneys were harvested.
But the message was wrongly relayed and doctors were given the green light to carry out the operations.
Health officials have called the cases "critical medical negligence" and said that random