How cannabis ages the cardiovascular system

Long-term cannabis users risk ageing prematurely, scientists warn, but they are not talking about wrinkles and sagging skin.

Their study looked at the effects of the drug on the cardiovascular system and found heavy use increases biological age by 11%.

This means that a 30-year-old user would have a similar biological age to a 33-year-old due to the impact of atherosclerosis, says co-author Dr Stuart Reece from the University of WA.

Their paper, published in The BMJ Open,raises the real concern that diverse reports of cannabis-related harms are in fact related not just to organ-specific disorders and free radical flux but to an overall acceleration of the ageing process.

The researchers warn this is likely to become more clinically prominent as the drug grows in popularity.

“We found that for those who used cannabis over a long time, not only does it age you, it increases ageing