How Elle's new date could muddy the vaccination message

What happens when a super model meets a discredited researcher?

The budding romance between Elle Macpherson and disgraced former medico Andrew Wakefield could give the notorious anti-vaxxer new credibility, according to an editorial in the BMJ

News about the celebrity pairing has made it as far as the pages of the medical journal, with one academic fearing the publicity will give the discredited researcher’s views a wider audience. 

Gossip that the “alternative medicine-loving supermodel” is dating Wakefield will give him more “pop culture bandwidth” and the opportunity to spread his ideas to more people, writes Professor Timothy Caulfield, from the University of Alberta in Canada.

“It heightens his profile and will likely lead to more invites to be a keynote speaker and TV commentator,” he says, pointing out his internet search on the couple yielded 1.5 million hits.

Professor Caulfield, a research chair in health law and policy, notes that