How GPs can reassure parents on infant's sleep patterns

Hold off on training: plenty don't sleep through by 12 months, study finds

Sleep-deprived parents can be assured their infant’s failure to sleep through is normal, according to a Canadian study that shows nearly half of 12-month-olds still wake at night and it doesn’t affect their development.

At six months, about 38% of babies still aren't stringing together six hours’ sleep at night and more than half (57%) don't sleep for eight hours straight, finds the review of the sleep patterns of nearly 400 infants.

At 12 months, extended periods of sleep still elude many babies, with 28% yet to reach the six hours of sleep milestone and around 43% yet to achieve an eight-hour stretch of sleep, the McGill University-led researchers report in Pediatrics.

But they find no association between failure to sleep through and the infants’ psychomotor and mental development, or the mothers’ postnatal mood.

So doctors can moderate expectations that