How to handle your next angry patient

They're possibly a narcissist and not as bright as they think

GPs who think 'narcissist' when confronted by a furious patient may have inadvertently hit on the right diagnosis, according to joint Australian and Polish research.

A study involving 303 university students has thrown up the novel finding that people with a predisposition to anger (trait-anger) have an inflated view of their own intelligence.

When the researchers delved further with a second study (225 students), they found many people with trait-anger had an element of narcissism.

The study participants answered questions aimed at identifying trait-anger, stability and narcissism. They were also asked to rate their intelligence on a 25-point scale before taking an objective intelligence test.

Both narcissism and trait-anger are associated with problems in relationships, the researchers note in the journal Intelligence.

"We speculate that these difficulties may be related to the