How to help couples cope with severe PMS?

Couples counselling can be helpful for women with severe premenstrual symptoms.

This is backed by the results of a three-year Australian study that compared the outcomes of one-to-one versus couples counselling for premenstrual disorders.

Over 80% of participants in the couple's therapy group reported increased partner awareness and understanding of PMS, compared with 39% of the one-to-one group.

More than half, 57%, of women in the couples group reported an improved relationship with their partner, compared with 26% in the one-to-one group.

There was an 18% reduction in reports of intimate relationship difficulties within the couple group, according to the study by Western Sydney University’s Professor Jane Ussher and Professor Janette Perz.

The randomised controlled study, published in PLOS ONE, shows women are more able to deal with symptoms after attending couples therapy.