How many alcoholic drinks a week is too many?

Every-day tipple may need a rethink as even light daily drinkers face increased risk of dying

That daily glass of wine may need a rethink, with researchers saying drinking should be contained to no more than three times a week, with just 1-2 beverages a session.

Their analysis of two distinct US datasets totalling more than 400,000 people showed those who have one or two daily drinks, five days a week or more, have an increased risk of all-cause mortality compared with those who knock back one or two drinks, three days a week. 

Drinking more than four days a week also increases the risk of cardiovascular death, further challenging previous research pointing to a protective effect from daily low-level drinking.

Researchers collected data from more than 340,000 adults participating in a national health survey, who were followed-up for at least two years. This was added to data from outpatient medical records from 93,000 veterans aged 40-60.

For women, the threshold for the lowest risk