How many female interventional cardiologists are there?

Hint: It's under 20 in a gender gap that affects the profession and patients

The number of female interventional cardiologists barely reaches double figures across Australia and New Zealand, a gender gap that impacts not only female doctors, but heart disease patients too, a study shows.

There are just 19 female interventional cardiologists in the two countries, representing barely 5% of the specialty, the findings show.

Not only are they scarce, female interventionists practise in isolation and earn 55% of their male counterparts’ average earnings, say the researchers in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

The research team, called Women in Interventional Cardiology of Australia and New Zealand, points out that the absence of female role models discourages junior female doctors from entering interventional cardiology training programs.

“Female interventional cardiologists are rarely seen on conference panels, in leadership positions or on