How pharmacists will remember Sussan Ley

Sussan Ley once said she changed the spelling of her first name because, according to a numerological theory, adding an extra “s” in the middle would bring her more interesting times.

As she quits the Cabinet in a blaze of headlines, some might say it worked.

Ms Ley, the daughter of a British intelligence agent, was born in Nigeria and spent much of her childhood in the Middle East. Her family emigrated to Australia when she was 13.

The self-described punk rocker worked as an air traffic controller, a pilot, a cook and director of technical training at the Australian Tax Office.

She was first elected to federal parliament in 2001, winning the rural NSW seat of Farrer on a margin of barely 200 votes. She was appointed health minister in December 2014, shortly before then Prime Minister Tony Abbott declared his disastrous GP co-pay policy “dead, buried and cremated”.