How they rank: Students name top pharmacy schools

Good Universities Guide also shows how salaries compare for new graduates

Pharmacy students have ranked James Cook University’s (JCU) pharmacy course the best in Australia.

How they rank: Students name top pharmacy schools

JCU, which achieved a nearly 93% satisfaction rating for its overall education experience, is one of four universities to achieve a five-star rating (top 20% of universities) for overall excellence in the latest Good Universities Guide.

In second place was Curtin University (88.5%), followed by Queensland University (87.4%) and Newcastle University (87%).

Here are 10 other key results:

  • JCU also topped the field for learner engagement, teaching quality and student support.
  • Newcastle achieved 100% student satisfaction for learning resources, ahead of Curtin and Queensland universities
  • Griffith University is tops for skills development. Newcastle, New England and Tasmania were the other universities in the top four in this category
  • Charles Sturt University, the University of Tasmania and the Queensland University of Technology boast a 100% graduate employment rate. The median national employment rate for pharmacists 95.6%
  • Pharmacy graduates have better full-time employment prospects than most university graduates. Across all universities and study disciplines, the median employment rate is 70.6%
  • The median starting salary of $43,800 for pharmacy undergraduates is below the median $58,000 for all university graduates. The salary is lower than for communications ($48,800) and creative arts graduates ($47,000).
  • The median starting salary for nurses is $58,000.
  • Undergraduates from two universities earned more than the median salary­­ — the University of Tasmania ($50,900) and the University of Sydney ($45,300)
  • The median starting salary for postgraduate pharmacists is $62,600
  • There are 7049 undergraduate pharmacy students, 2131 postgraduate students and 1603 international students

Read the full rankings here.

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