Hundreds sick after salmonella outbreak

Health authorities have linked two restaurants to raw-egg foods using products from western Victorian supplier Green Eggs.

The Department of Environment and Primary Industries has restricted the sale of eggs from the Green Eggs farm near Ararat until extra cleaning and hygiene measures are taken.

More than 200 people became ill with gastroenteritis after eating at the Bottle of Milk restaurant in Torquay, and a handful of others suffered the same fate after dining at St Kilda's Newmarket hotel.

There have been other isolated cases, and those affected have ranged in age from nine months to over 65 years.

Chief health officer Rosemary Lester said Green Eggs, which supplies a range of Victorian eateries, markets and supermarkets, is still being investigated as the definite source and testing will take a few days.

Dr Lester warned that food and drinks containing raw and undercooked eggs, including mayonnaise,