Impact of retirement rules hits home for dispirited GP

QUEENSLAND GP Dr Elizabeth Culliford has hit out at an “inflexible” registration system that has left her with few options in retirement as she considers whether to “give up my career of a lifetime”.

New laws introduced by AHPRA mean retired doctors will no longer hold limited prescribing or referral rights. 

However, as first reported in MO (15 April), there are now concerns that the laws may also stop retired doctors working as educators on a pro bono basis.

Dr Culliford, an IMG who has practised in Australia for 35 years, said while she did not wish to retain prescribing rights, she felt the new laws unfairly barred her from contributing. 

“The requirements mean I can’t use my brain in any medical way whatsoever,” she said.

Dr Culliford recently took a break from practice for health reasons, but she has become so dispirited with the laws that she now plans to let her