Impotence clinic boss hits back at ACCC accusations of ‘unfair tactics’

THE founder of the controversial erectile dysfunction clinic, Advanced Medical Institute, has hit back at ACCC allegations that his company engaged in “unconscionable conduct” .

The ACCC filed a claim in the Federal Court in December last year alleging that from 2008 to 2010 AMI used “unfair tactics and undue pressure” to sign up men to expensive, long-term contracts to treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Speaking to MO in a rare interview since the ACCC launched action against his company, AMI CEO Dr Jack Vaisman (PhD) labelled the claims “absolute rubbish – nonsense”.

ACCC statement of claim documents filed for the case suggest that AMI sales staff told some patients their penises would shrink if they did not use the company’s formulated nasal spray.

“There are [studies] and it is absolutely clear... that impotent men have much shorter penises than ones who lead [an]