Inquest reveals doctors' festering feud

Poor relations between two interventional neuroradiologists left hospital short-staffed

A stormy relationship between two interventional neuroradiologists that festered for 10 years culminated in a staffing shortfall on a day when two stroke patients died, according to a SA coroner.

Despite the lack of staffing, coroner Mark Johns found there was no relevant delay in the performance of the procedures.

While Mr Johns failed to make any recommendations in relation to the two deaths, he said antipathy played a role in Dr Rebecca Scroop’s failure to recruit Dr Steve Chryssidis as the “obvious” person to provide cover while she was on holiday.

“The only conclusion that can be reached is that she would not do so because of the personal antipathy that existed between them,” he said.

The inquest was held after it emerged the Royal Adelaide Hospital was left without interventional neuroradiologist services when the first of the two patients needing clot retrieval was admitted in April 2017.