Inspiring supervisor sets up new recruits for satisfying career

THE way Dr Greg Caddy sees it, being a GP supervisor means more than just putting junior doctors through their paces.

For this Perth GP, training his younger charges has meant inspiring them to train in every possible field and to get the most from their chosen profession.

“If registrars see that they can do minor surgery, or they can do anaesthetic training, or they can do obstetrics, then they should do it,” he said.

“To me, that’s where the respect for GPs has always come from. People have expected us to be generalists and do a little bit of everything.”

It is his passion for showing his charges the breadth of general practice that has seen him nominated for this year’s Medical Observer/GPET Supervisor of the Year Award.

But Dr Caddy, who has supervised registrars throughout his three-decade career, said he feared his profession was narrowing because not all GPs seized the