Irish doctors prefer Oz? To be sure, to be sure

They say they're not going back to their broken health system

When you’re feeling stressed and frustrated by practising medicine in Australia, spare a thought for Irish doctors.

Even though they know the health service here isn’t perfect, Australian medics actually have it pretty good, according to Irish-trained doctors living in Australia.

Researcher Dr Niamh Humphries says of the 51 doctors she has interviewed for the Hospital Doctor Retention Motivation Project, to stem the flood of Irish medics leaving for other countries, only 16 have plans to return to home and 35 are set to remain in Australia.

“The doctors I spoke to are thriving within a system where overcrowding isn’t the norm, where staffing levels are high, collegiality is standard and work rosters allow for a healthy balance between work and life,” Dr Humphries wrote in the Irish Times.

This year alone, 300 visas have been granted to Irish doctors, and in