Jail for robber who traumatised pharmacy assistant

A man who held up a pharmacy at knife point has been sentenced to three years in prison in Victoria.

Anthony Harold Tina, 40, stole $800 and left a young female pharmacy assistant traumatised in his premeditated night-time attack on August 2 last year, the Melbourne County Court has heard.

The court heard Tina visited the unnamed store earlier that day, chatting to the young female assistant about products and ascertaining the store’s closing time.

He then returned shortly after 9pm, walked behind the counter and told the assistant: "I'm not going to hurt you, I need you to open the till." 

When the assistant replied “please don’t hurt me”, he showed her a knife.

Tina stole $800 cash, which he used to pay off debts and pay living costs, the court heard.

Tina was arrested in September and released on bail.

Between February and May