Judge orders arbitration in Chemist Warehouse shopping centre stoush

The question of whether the owners of Chemist Warehouse and their partners will be able to buy Masters hardware stores and turn them into shopping centres is likely to be decided by arbitration.

This follows a court stoush between Woolworths and Lowe’s, its US-based partner in the collapsed hardware chain.

Lowe's had taken to Woolworths to court, accusing it of acting "oppressively" in its termination of the joint venture.

On Tuesday Judge Lindsay Foster granted a stay of the proceedings, and ordered Woolworths and Lowe's to seek to resolve their differences by arbitration.

The consortium has previously stated that it does not believe the dispute will derail its plans.

Calling itself the Home Consortium, it includes Chemist Warehouse owners Mario Verrochi and Jack Gance and retail heavyweights Zac Fried and Morry Fraid, who own the Anaconda and Spotlight