Just one year on this diet reduces bone loss

But only for people with osteoporosis

The Mediterranean diet is beneficial for people with osteoporosis, the latest evidence suggests.

Sticking to the diet for just 12 months can significantly reduce hip bone loss in people with osteoporosis, according to a long-term pan-European clinical trial.

The researchers believe the key ingredient may be virgin olive oil.

Led by the University of Bologna, Italy, the study included more than 1000 people aged between 65 and 79 who were randomised into a Mediterranean diet group and a control.

Bone density was measured at the start and after 12 months. 

The researchers found that the diet had no discernible impact on those with normal bone density, but it did have an effect on those with osteoporosis.

People in the control group continued to see the usual age-related decrease in bone density, but those following the diet saw an equivalent increase in bone density in