Kids' homeopathic product with added arsenic and strychnine wins Shonky Award

The Kids Smart range from PharmaCare Laboratories-owned Nature’s Way made the eighth place in the annual list of products held up by consumer publication Choice as being questionable.

Choice said Kids Smart offered variants for colds and flu, hay fever and runny nose, pain and fever, and calming kids down.

It said most of the Kids Smart products contained tiny amounts of plant extracts, including strychnine and arsenic. The Calm product contained a massively diluted portion of Nux vomica 6C, or strychnine.

“Clearly the harm doesn’t come from the stuff itself – it’s effectively water with blackcurrant flavour,” Choice said.

“The harm comes from it doing nothing for your children in the expensive and mistaken belief you’re doing something.”

The organisation quoted public health campaigner and La Trobe University Adjunct Associate Professor Ken Harvey as saying symptoms treated