Lack of hospital discharge info challenging for GPs

The antithrombotic regimen will vary according to the procedure the patient has had, and, as patients are often confused about the four or five new medications they have been put on, it’s a setting “ripe for non-adherence”, the University of Western Australia experts said.

In a supplement to the MJA on acute coronary syndrome (ACS), Professor Alistair Vickery, professor of primary health care and cardiologist Professor Peter Thompson, head of the Heart Research Institute, identified eight challenges faced by GPs and called for a better team approach among hospitals, specialists and primary care.

“As the duration of hospital stay has shortened over recent decades, [the GP’s] role has become even more important,” they wrote.

One of the “major gripes” GPs have is a lack or delay with discharge information — a problem not limited to ACS — with Victorian research showing only 4%&mdash