Leniency for banned pharmacist

A pharmacist who was banned for supplying her injured husband with oxycodone has won the right to apply for dispensing rights to be reinstated earlier than originally ordered.

In 2014, the pharmacist* was given a three-year ban from dispensing or possessing S8 or S4 medications, effectively preventing her from working as a pharmacist.

Queensland health reached the decision after the Sunshine Coast woman was found to have supplied her husband with Oxycontin and Endone over a nine-month period, making false records in her employer’s books to cover her tracks.

She was precluded from applying to have the ban lifted before April 2017.

But she has successfully appealed in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which means she can apply for reinstatement.

According to the records of the original case, the pharmacist began obtaining the medication for her builder husband in April