The link between gastric surgery and fractures

It could be due to a weakened skeletal structure from carrying lighter loads, researchers say

Patients who have had gastric bypass surgery have a greater risk of fracture and also experience more falls than people who have not had the operation, a study shows.

Swedish researchers looked at the records of almost 39,000 patients who underwent gastric bypass operations, of whom 7758 had diabetes and 31,213 did not.

Over three years of follow-up, these patients had a 30% higher chance of experiencing a fracture than control patients.

Individuals without diabetes had an increased risk of 32%, while those with diabetes had an increased risk of 26%.

There was also an increased risk of falls after surgery, which could contribute to the increased risk of fractures, the researchers said.

"The risk of major osteoporotic fracture was increased, regardless of diabetes status, whereas the risk of upper limb fracture was increased only for patients without diabetes, and the risk of