Linking autoimmune disease and psychosis

A meta-analysis including 25 million people confirms the association

The link between autoimmune disorders and psychosis has been confirmed in a new paper by British researchers.

Previous studies have shown conflicting findings.

Now, the authors of the meta-analysis, including 30 studies and 25 million people, say they can confirm the association, finding that people with autoimmune disorders are 40% more likely to have some form of psychosis.

This applies to all non-neurological autoimmune disorders except rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis, which have a negative association.

The researchers suggest that these two disorders are in fact protective.

Multiple factors have been put forward to explain the association between the other autoimmune disorders and psychosis, including inflammation, shared genetic vulnerability, predisposing infections, brain-reactive antibodies and even exposure to corticosteroid treatment.

However, the