List MenB vaccine now, Sussan Ley urged

In response, the minister says states are just scaremongering

A surge in outbreaks of B-serotype meningococcal disease shows there is an urgent need to subsidise the meningococcal B vaccine, the Federal Government has been told.

SA Health Minister Jack Snelling has written to Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley calling for immediate action, saying children are dying from a preventable disease because their parents cannot afford the $500 vaccine.

In his letter, Mr Snelling says the B strain has accounted for 19 of the 24 meningococcal cases in the state this year, including three in the previous week.

He says it is “simply not fair” that the vaccine is only available to families who can afford to pay for it.

“People, children in particular, shouldn’t be denied this vaccine because of their socioeconomic status.”

“The ... government needs to urgently add this lifesaving vaccine to the PBS.”

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