Locum suspended over illegal sales by junior colleague

A British appeals court has ruled that pharmacists have a duty to control the actions of counter assistants, even if these actions are intentionally illegal.

The case follows the BBC’s Inside Out program, which exposed pharmacies that made illegal sales of medicines without prescriptions.

A locum working at his first job as a pharmacist was on duty on three occasions in August 2012 when a counter assistant made sales of amoxicillin, diazepam and Viagra to a reporter.

He claimed he knew nothing about the unlawful supplies, but was found guilty of misconduct by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and was suspended for six months in October 2015.

The GPhC had alleged that the locum failed to adequately supervise the counter assistant, thereby permitting the unlawful supplies to be made, according to a report in the UK publication Chemist +