Low-carb diet boosts artery health - but only for women

Just men lose weight on it

Men may lose more weight on low-carb diets but women actually see better improvements in artery flexibility. 

This is the main takeaway from a preliminary study that found low-carb diets helped reduce the stiffness of arteries in women, which can, in turn, reduce their risk of developing serious heart conditions.

As part of the study, 20 middle-aged, pre-diabetic men and women were given carb-restricted meals for two weeks and supplied meal planning instructions for an additional two weeks. 

Over the four-week period, the men in the study lost 6.3% of their body weight, while women lost 4.4%. 

However, using pulse wave velocity, the women showed reduced blood flow speeds of 1m per second, while men showed no changes in blood flow speed.

The US researchers say theirs is the first to demonstrate that weight loss can reduce arterial stiffness in as little as four weeks and that