Low vitamin D linked to gestational diabetes

AUSTRALIAN experts are calling for routine vitamin D testing in all pregnant women, after finding a novel association between low serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels and gestational diabetes (GDM).

Vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency was found in 41% of the 147 women in the Sydney study.

Researchers Dr Sue Lynn Lau and Dr Jenny Gunton also found an independent inverse association between 25(OH)D and HbA1c, suggesting that low vitamin D “may contribute to impaired glucose tolerance during pregnancy”. 

Thirty-three per cent of the women in the study were subcontinental Indian, 29% East or South-East Asian, 19% Caucasian, 12% Middle Eastern and 7% of other ethnicity.

There was a lack of association in the study between lower vitamin D and BMI, “suggesting that body weight is unlikely to be a major confounder”, the researchers said.

Dr Alison Nankervis, president of the Australasian Diabetes in